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otaku_mafia's Journal

The Otaku Mafia.
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A family of Otaku. You don't mess with the family.

Otaku Mafia

Welcome to the Otaku Mafia.

This is a place where all otaku can come together and share what they love!
A place where if you (a member) have a problem and ask for help, we will try our best to help you with whatever we can!

There are a few rules, however, like any other great comm.

→I don't really care about the content of what you post.
All I ask is that if it does contain mature content that you specify that in your title and put whatever it is that you are sharing behind a cut.
→Any photos you post are welcome, however, if they are larger than 400x400 please put them under a cut. If you don't know how to use the Lj cut. I will be more than happy to show you.
→Any reports, reviews, fan fics, original stories that are rather long also place behind a cut.
→Please tag your posts. If you have any questions on how to tag your posts please ask. Tags can also be found HERE
Don't fight with eachother. this is my number one rule. If it is broken, both parites at fault will be banned. But I'm not a complete jerk. You will get a warning. Yes. One.
→This comm is members only. PLEASE BE SURE THAT ALL YOUR ENTRIES ARE POSTED WITH THE MEMBERS LOCK ON! Failure to lock your entries will result in the entry being deleted. If you break this rule more than three times you will be banned.

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